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Definitively Creative,

We are multifaceted creatives, passionate about delivering originality and diversity within a wide range of conceptual and aesthetic/visual artistic work.

We provide Creative + Artistic Direction with a specialty in Movement Design and Choreography.
Working in Film, Television, Live Performance, Theatre and more.. Challenge us..

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Hi my name is Glenn Hudson and I'm born and raised in London. Welcome to our page!

I am a Director/Movement Director/Choreographer and Dancer.

I have been dancing and choreographing for 15 years and Directing/Movement Directing for 10years. I am also a lecturer at Shockout arts (Manchester) Post Graduate Masters and Undergraduate and Artistic Director of my own company called Definitives Dance Company which I founded in 2007.

My base styles of movement are Hip hop, Popping, House but my main focus is with the techniques tools and tricks that create visual illusions with the body(s). 

As a creative I like to focus on, not only the visual and the techniques of the movement but also the aesthetic and most importantly the energy and talent of those I (we) work with.

I live breathe and eat creating, I enjoy it so much and it has been this way ever since I began. All my effort goes into making ideas work, pulling from nothing and making it something amazing............thats a fun time for me.



Hi I'm Jasmin!

Originally from Sydney Australia, currently based in London.

I am a Choreographer/Movement Director, and a Lecturer in Mixed Movement/Contemporary dance and Choreological Studies on both BA hons and MA degree courses at Shockout Arts (Manchester), Validated by University of Bolton. 

I have worked professionally as a performer and creator in a wide array of dance and performance styles for theatre, live performances, commercial work and film for over 10 years, including Contemporary, Jazz, Classical Ballet and Street Styles (Specifically Popping, House and Choreography). I am also company member and a choreographer of Definitives Dance Company.

I thoroughly enjoy choreography and movement direction, and pour my heart and soul into every project. I have experience working with professional dancers, children and mature age adults, I believe movement is inclusive of every human,  I see creation as limitless and thrive with challenge. 

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